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About Ricky Nowak

As an experienced MC and Panel Facilitator Ricky has over 25 years on the platform. She is a former actor and experienced educator who takes the drama out of conferences and meetings! As an entertaining and high energy MC and lead facilitator, Ricky creates a fresh and fabulous conference experience every time. Clients entrust her to adapt quickly and professionally to different audiences and scenarios, know that she is cool-under-pressure, and can improvise and support speakers, sponsors, event and the AV team so the conference does not miss a beat!

She is highly informed, curious, well researched and knows how to showcase and respect others’ talents and genius. She assimilates information quickly enabling her to draw on and draw out key messages, details and information that add value and insight. Her quick wit, fun sense of humour and ease on the platform relaxes audiences so they remain focussed and involved. Ricky is a natural story teller so her ability to weave the right messages into the culture of the company is one of her great joys! She is as much at home with the Board Room as she is with the Meeting Room and loves the vibrancy of creating awesome experiences for clients!

She naturally threads themes together, weaves stories and examples throughout the conference so the main messages and take away ideas are kept alive throughout and consolidated  long after the event is over!

Her clients describe her as inspiring, authentic, knowledgeable, well researched,  empowering, client centric, empathic, engaging, smart, intuitive and client centric.

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Ricky Nowak was a pleasure to work with as lead facilitator for our conference! She helped bring the agenda to life, and brought her professional, creative and leadership perspective to the event”

“As Conference MC, Ricky’s customization, presence and professionalism with the client  and each speaker was impeccable. She has an excellent sense of humour, and made everyone around her including the Event and AV team feel at ease..”

Ricky has an innate ability to read a room and get to the heart of the matter. She challenges conventional thinking and discards pretence. Through her skilled facilitation, she creates an environment where self-reflection and learning can thrive”

“I have never met an MC like Ricky who not hosts and event but was truly engaging and into all the topics we were discussing. This is what I call true passion at work.”

“In person, on radio or television, Ricky Nowak knows how to engage an audience and get her key message across.”

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