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Successful leadership demands innovation, superior skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

How can leaders, teams and individuals harness the collective intelligence and skills within an organisation?

It’s about taking space, time and permission – to talk, ask and think out loud.

Right now, leadership matters more than ever before for thriving teams, as leaders grapple with how they can lead with the sort of courage, conviction and care that will ensure they emerge stronger – for themselves, their people and their businesses.

And that’s not that easy for leaders typically driven by control and decision making. Many of our leaders are experiencing an unsustainable level of real and overwhelming vulnerability as they realise they cannot carry the burden and expectation placed on them to lead with grace.

But our leaders don’t have all the answers – and don’t have to carry the burden alone.

In the busy-ness of everyday work, it’s hard enough to find time to get through your job, much less reflect on what we can do better. But when we fail to make time to get the basics right, it’s no wonder the other stuff often falls over.

The first step is to make people part of the solution. There has never been a more critical time to really connect and collaborate with staff, colleagues, peers and associates. In challenging times, the most effective way to do this is to introduce more fun, more conversations and more open discussion.

These tools have been designed to kick-start open discussion about how we work and can improve outcomes through more positive conversations and mindsets.

DIY tools to help you lead,
and learn to lead


How can we all lead and be better together, apart?

The shift to remote and hybrid work has seen the importance of teams and teamwork rise. Today, successful and high performing teams are self-directed. All teammates take a leadership role. Everyone shares, asks and helps equally. We all lead together.

This DIY tool includes questions handpicked from the Leadership @ Work toolkit to help team leaders facilitate a collaborative conversation focussed on working better together. Identify what is important to each member of the team, and the team as a whole, then create an improvement plan for when together and apart.

Download the Better Together TeamPlay

Leadership @ Work Toolkit

Based on the positive Leadership In Three Words concept, Leadership expert Ricky Nowak has partnered with Hargraves to develop a Leadership @ Work Toolkit including the ‘How to’ guide and trigger questions to help your people gain consensus on how they work and behave.

Your Leadership @ Work Toolkit includes: With practical and proven DIY tools and the Hargraves Leadership @ Work Question Canvas to help leaders and teams:

  • ‘How To’ guide for leaders, teams and individuals, including:
    • Leadership Question Canvas with 48 trigger questions to help individuals and teams articulate underlying issues and challenges, and prompt conversations about what matters most.
    • A step-by-step DIY Team Workshop to agree identify issues and agree actions and outcomes
  • Leadership In Three Words ebook by Ricky Nowak
  • Leadership @ Work Digital Cards in png format for uploading to digital whiteboards.
  • Leadership @ Work Cards A4 pdf for printing.
  • Better Together Teamplay – How can we all lead and be better together, apart?
Download the Leadership @ Work Toolkit

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    Ricky Nowak is delighted to collaborate with Hargraves Institute to produce this interactive and engaging new tool.