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Specialty Speaking Coaching

Masterful MC – 4 x 1 hour sessions

Coaching to develop the skills of a great Master of Ceremonies – introductions, message context, event themes, research, engaging audiences and room set up. After this coaching, leaders will be engaging MCs, able to manage even difficult audiences, and to keep the conference on time and on point.

You will learn to deliver successful conferences by:

  • Creating magic moments
  • Keeping events on time/on track
  • Handling things going wrong
  • Making introductions and closing comments
  • Ensuring that the speakers shine


Facilitation Finesse – 4 x 1 hour sessions

Ricky shares tips to be a great facilitator, and create the best experience for panel members and the audience. You’ll learn how to create manage different groups and create audience engagement.

Through this program, you’ll learn to deliver an outstanding audience experience by:

  • Building and maintaining audience energy
  • Managing groups small and large
  • Creating interesting segues


Panel Proficiency – 4 x 1 hour sessions.

In this program, Ricky shares the skills you need to shine as panel member. You’ll learn how to share your opinions and knowledge in a way that engages the audience. You’ll learn the keys to preparation for a panel spot and how to deliver your expertise with humility.  After coaching, you’ll understand how to:

  • Package information in manageable chunks
  • Answer succinctly
  • Answer questions clearly
  • Create comfortable atmosphere
  • Interact spontaneously with the audience
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“Personal, genuine, insightful and sincere were just some of the words that came to me after spending an our with Ricky. The pace of the session was good, I don’t feel rushed and was given ample time to process and practice. I walked out of that session with renewed confidence and a set of new tools.”

Catherine Loh, Head of Digital Personalisation, Global at JLL, Singapore

“Coaching with Ricky has given me practical strategies to improve communication with my team, and thought provoking leadership questions to grow my leadership personally & professionally. The convenient, accessible sessions via zoom have been fun, on point and very efficient.”

General Manager Operations, Masonic Care Tasmania

“Ricky’s beautifully balanced leadership, in her virtual sessions, brings out the best in us all. In today’s dynamically changing world, where, for many, workplace, home and family connect us as ‘whole people’, Ricky brings deep understanding and an amazing array of skills and insights, to motivate and move us forward. I absolutely recommend Ricky.”

Dr. Gloria Wright, Sydney

“Ricky is as warm and engaging as she is challenging and thought-provoking. She has an uncanny ability of cutting straight to the chase. Her simple but effective strategies are adaptable to any situation and management style, leading to better outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Ricky as an executive coach and mentor.”

Dr. Louise Edwards

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