quality of leadership

 and decisions leaders make determine the fate of an organisation. Great leadership sits at the core of great organisations.

Organisations that intend to secure and maintain their competitive advantage, create and capture value and positively drive the collective performance of its people recognise the critical importance of leadership investment. 

Ricky Nowak is recognised for her work in helping organisations unlock the human and creative potential of their leaders, teams and individuals, to strengthen personal and organisational effectiveness.
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If you want to seek and secure a competitive market edge while bringing out the best in your people you will benefit from Ricky’s range of leadership training programs and management training programs.

The success of her leadership programs and management programs is based on a comprehensive combination of  skills based training, assessment, group and individual coaching.

Ricky specialises in building top performing teams and individuals for many of Australia, New Zealand and Asia's leading organisations, and is an energetic motivational conference speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach. To find out how we can help turn your good people into great leaders, contact us today.

“Over many years of attending various training events for 'soft' skills, there have only been two courses that I can confidently say that I have left with a firm belief that I have learned skills that I can relate to and immediately implement in my daily work life - this course has been one of the two.”
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