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Executive Coaching

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Executive coaching that takes you to the next level of leadership success

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching is designed to support and augment the skills and behaviours of Executives and Leaders. This process can help unburden stress, remove obstacles, and enhance communication so people can continue to build their career and success.

Our personalised programs are always open, two-way and honest. You set the agenda and the sessions are structured to meet your individual goals so we can help you directly improve staff retention and engagement, enhance your leadership brand and increase your level of performance as well as those around you. 

"Thank you for your deep expertise, wisdom, compassion and confidence - I have moved to a very different leadership space as a result of your guidance and feedback."
National Head | KPMG

There are three types of coaching available to suit individuals and small groups.


Designed for the senior Executive who requires an outside thinking partner and external confidante who is neither judge nor jury but helps the person find solutions to challenges and implement a better way of working.

Sessions are between 60-90 minutes, range between 4 – 15 sessions, depending on need and skill development.

We support the Executive with 15 minute Laser coaching sessions by phone during the month as well as being part of a small group of leaders to help with outside perspectives if they choose.


Designed for the Middle Manager who would like to become a leader but is still operating in a functional role and the Leader who is looking to develop their leadership brand and reputations. This program can cover a series of topics that are typically agreed to prior to the commencement of the program and helps the coachee develop logically and sequentially.

Sessions are between 60 – 90 minutes, range between 4 – 15 sessions, depending on need and skill development. 

Programs include Coaching Journals and ongoing support.


This style of coaching is suitable for 1:1 or small groups and covers a series of the most important skills that help prepare future leaders. The design of this coaching is usually done in conjunction with more senior leaders and HR and helps the coachee develop a clearer career path and longer term engagement with their company.

The coaching can be particularly successful when transitioning into a new role or promotion or other professional area.

These three coaching programs are flexible in delivery and can be arranged to suit the needs of the person and business.
Complimentary Consultation

Interested in Executive Coaching for you or your team?

Contact Ricky to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss a coaching program to help you or your team meet your specific development objectives.

Why our coaching works

Ricky is 1 of only 18 professional coaches in Australia accredited to deliver the Stakeholder Centred Coaching Model developed by US master coach, Marshall Goldsmith. The methodology is effective, time efficient and proven to enable successful people to lead more effectively, via long-term leadership behaviour change.

“Working with Ricky has changed me incredibly. Ricky has pushed and challenged me over the past six months and I have become so much more self-aware and confident in dealing with the challenges that I face.”
Goulburn Valley Health
“I engaged Ricky to assist with the coaching and development of one of my staff through FY 2009. With the benefit of Ricky’s professional care, solid progress has been achieved. Over and above the professional care shown, Ricky also demonstrated personal and ongoing care for the employee, which was greatly appreciated.”
Ross Mackiggan
Chief Financial Officer Australia
Transfield Services
“Business is experiencing unprecedented change and competition. Ricky's approach assists you to focus upon promoting the outcomes that you can assist an organisation to achieve in order to meet current challenges. The ability to make an impact and present your case via breakthrough strategies is the key. Ricky's support and assistance helps you to understand how this can be accomplished.”
Chris Harnett
Company Director
Medical Health industry
“Ricky is an inspirational coach with high standards, integrity and authenticity. Her ability to break down an otherwise overwhelming issues into palatable sizes is remarkable. This combines with her creativity, intuition and business experience allows her participants to practically address their individual (business and personal) challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure working with Ricky and I highly recommend Ricky's leadership coaching for anyone who is interested in taking it to the next level.”
Kenneth Yu
Linfox Australia
“Ricky is an excellent coach and facilitator. She works closely with her clients to help them enhance their leadership skills. Ricky has published a number of books on the topic. I have no hesitation in recommending Ricky if you require support on engaging with your employees and collegues.”
Brian Birley
“I was quite sceptical about the value of such sessions - Am now a convert. I found Ricky to be exceptional.”
Monash University
“It's not just Ricky's exceptional skill in translating aspirations into action that set her apart. Her integrity, commitment and generosity of spirit clearly underpin her professionalism. I placed my trust in Ricky, and I am very glad I did. Now I am well on the way to bringing my best to others.”
Dr Gloria Sunnie-belle Wright
Director Learning Solutions
“It was enlightening to watch how an Expert business coach such as yourself approaches the coaching engagement with a Corporate client – thank you for providing the opportunity.”
Clare Neeson
CTN HR Consulting
“Ricky is an engaging executive coach with a strong connection to her clients. She combines this with a clear focus on their strategic and operational functions as they work towards business results. She engages with her clients and their businesses, and works in partnership with clients so that they have clearly thought through plans and decisions, actions that lead to observable results, and accountability for their decisions and actions. As well as aiming to assist clients deliver measurable improvements, she also aims to assist them learn how to continue using these tools to continue delivering improved business outcomes.”
Dr Michael Muetzelfeldt
“Ricky's advice was a series of thoughtful rhetorical questions.  I found myself rehearsing thirty second pitches suitable for any opportunity and audience. When the critical pitch was delivered I felt calm and well prepared. The critical investment was secured.  I would strongly recommend Ricky's advice to anyone making the transition I have begun.”
Dr. Bob Anderson
Auto Immunity and Transplantation Division
Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
“Working with Ricky as both an executive coach and trainer has been such an enlightening experience. As a coach Ricky adopts an encouraging style to help think outside the square to help solve problems but more importantly worked with me to reach solutions on my own. As a professional bad habits can set it and to have someone who can challenge your thinking and work with you in a professional manner has been a fantastic experience and has provided me with so many tips and tools that I know has improved my leadership skills. Ricky has also inspired me to make my interaction with staff, colleagues and other professionals more meaningful – her tips for networking will be golden rules I will always carry with me.”
Anne Marie Mooney
Group General Manager Commercial
Ridley Corporation Limited
“Thanks for the effort and support you have provided for the recently completed leadership coaching programme with our teams. Having spoken with the participants as the programme progressed, and listened to their presentation of their personal growth journeys at the close of the programme, I know that you have helped them enormously. I look forward to working with you again in the future as our teams continue their development.”
Chris Hemstrom
Group Manager, Supply Chain Solution
Linfox Australia
“Your coaching work with one of my key operational leaders has transformed his level of effectiveness in an extremely high pressure role. He has developed skills and applied the tools to enable him to step back and empower his people to do the heavy lifting. This has freed him up to work on the business and support his team more effectively. The impact on his team has been transformational! The change has also been noticed by our customers. Thank you.”
Alan Rees
“Over the last 12 months I have worked closely with Ricky in a number of ways including skills improvement around public speaking and presenting.  We have both structured and unstructured discussions which test and provoke my thinking; Ricky is a great source of ideas and inspiration and has had a positive impact on improving my communication across the entire organisation.”
Peter Weaver
Ridley AgriProducts