The rate of technological change has clearly surpassed the ability for humans to adapt and keep up with the change. Tom Friedman in his book “Thank you for being late – An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations” cites we may never catch up. No surprise I hear you say but  what may be is the staggering speed with which automation has crept into every business and life   and is putting an irreversible  end to generations of work patterns, styles and habits

Having just read some of the latest examples from experts in AI ( I was blown away by the sophistication of AI into all areas of our lives and work, irrespective of industry. In an article penned by JD Supra called “Law and Justice Powered by AI? –  It’s already a Reality” states that China is launching an online AI arbitrator this year, the UN wants to improve access to justice through AI judges and a handful of firms have built digital assistance to help legal teams comply with case rules to reduce time and expenses that are not billable.”

The highly intelligent array of articles and examples cited in the site above will have you gasping in disbelief and likely to keep you awake at night.

It should by all rights then push you towards creating at the very least purpose driven AI to replace traditional and slow or inefficient methods of working.

Either that or before long you will be living alongside Fred Flintstone instead of The Jetsons!

So, the code’s been written and its clear robots will do many tasks that humans take too long to learn, do or even want to do. AI is transforming jobs and firms faster than coronavirus is wiping them out.

The most important thing firms need to do now is to invest in purpose driven AI to increase efficiencies and output so they can perform at optimum speed and profit. That means everyone across a business must look at all procedures or process and make hard decisions on what they will no longer do and who will no longer do it. Tough choices, but now is the time to go hard on the problem before it becomes harder on us.

Don’t wait for futurists to come along and tell you the future as you are already here. Make your conversations matter. NOW.

If you are thinking what the conversations look like here are some ideas:

  1. It’s time to skill up not give up
  2. Look at trends in other professional service industries and scale using technologies that improve efficiencies, research and productivity.
  3. Re-examine all processes, procedures, products and even pricing and see what purpose driven tools your firm can use.
  4. Educate your people to “make sure they understand the technology, and their process includes trust building activities and system validation.” Whether your business  needs to move to better systems and processes because of financial pressures or not, the new model of law that is replacing obsolete systems or slow processes virtually overnight is happening all around you. Be curious. Look. Ask. Question. Challenge.

But despite these amazing advancements in technology, the bigger message now is that people have to be even more amazing at their communication and leadership skills. No longer is communication the soft skill – it is an essential skill, and yet  it is proving to be the hardest skill of all as people globally are finding themselves scrambling to keep relationships, clients and connect. Leaders must be amazing at being their authentic self. Amazing at being empathic. And amazing at listening to their clients. This will be the differentiator above all.

So while the robot brain is calibrating the stats, your brain must calibrate the emotions, needs and  personalities  of your clients and staff. Remember people do business with people they like and trust” and it will be because of the likeability and trust factor that your and your law firm will find the sweet spot and create brilliant client experiences and outcomes.

Enduring relationships will secure your place as a trusted advisor and leader in business.

Don’t rely on AI to build your relationships.. Well, not yet anyway!

Focus on people work first – keystrokes second.

Care deeply about how you talk and listen to clients!

For now, your avatar may have to wait.

About the author : Ricky Nowak

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