Being a leader also means carrying the responsibility to direct your followers to success. To relate, engage, and maintain good rapport with them requires a leader with audacity and the right amount of care.

Leading with care is being mindful of people’s needs. The ability to give encouragement and enhance confidence can create a positive working environment and state of mind. When one feels disregarded, it opens a door for negativity and spreads out like a virus. If you know how to lead with care, you develop a certain level of trustworthiness from your team or organisation to speak out their mind, while making them feel valuable.

When leading, it is important to consider how influential one is. Being an effective role model to others outlines significance in building a contagious culture. Great leaders keep in mind that caring is not procedural; rather it is essential to be caring in order to discern effective techniques to reach your goals, and encourage others to be the best they can be.

Audacious leaders know how to commend. If one lead’s with care, it means they are responsive to others’ victories no matter how minute they are. While not all circumstances are triumphant, an audacious leader also should be sensitive—to be able to show humility, gratitude, and concern to those who need them straightaway. It opens opportunities to learn strengths and weaknesses. Establishing leadership with audacity and care will allow one to discover chances to be an impact to everyone around them.

You don’t always have to be in charge. You just need to know how to care for those in your charge. Learn more about Audacious Leadership and how to incorporate it into your business life from an energetic motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach Ricky Nowak. She will customise a presentation on this topic at your conferences and other events.

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