Leaders with conviction are incredibly valuable in our society, but why is it that they seem to be dwindling in number? Unfortunately, our brains are wired to be afraid of uncertainty and as uncertainty increases, we become anxious, we panic, and we falter in our beliefs. This part of our instinct for self-preservation is something that business leaders must overcome, because we live in a world where many important decisions have to be made on the spot, and with minimal information.

In business, things change and happen so quickly that there is always a great deal of uncertainty about what’s going to happen in the coming months, let alone the next year. This uncertainty takes up a lot of mental energy and makes people less effective at their jobs, so lead with conviction and create an environment of certainty and sense of security.

When a leader shows absolute faith that he or she has chosen the best course of action, others will unconsciously mirror this belief and state of emotion because it puts their minds at ease. They believe that they can relax, so they concentrate on what needs to be done, and they feel more secure—which makes them happier and more productive.

Leaders with conviction emanate positivity and confidence. They are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs and they do not back away when things get tough. However, do not mistake arrogance for confidence. Remember that you are not better than anyone else regardless of your position of authority.

It’s no secret that people admire and follow strength. Sadly, many leaders mistake being domineering, controlling, and other harsh behavior for strength. But those that demonstrate again and again that  they  can back their team up and can make tough choices will gain more respect and trust. Yes, it is hard to acknowledge that there are things beyond one’s control but then again who ever said leadership is easy?

As a leader, conviction is a trait that assures a team that their work matters and it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of success and improves  not just an  approach to solving issues but to learning how to evolve, adapt and make braver choices.

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