We’re always busy. Chronically busy, super busy and stupid busy. If we weren’t, we’d be considered lazy, obsolete or simply not ‘in business’. In fact, there no longer exists a time our calendar tells us we’re un-busy. And given we’re smack in the middle of ‘the silly season’, everyone’s already bemoaning the fact they’re ‘flat chat’ and can’t possibly consider anything else until mid-January. The problem is, in mid-January, we’re flat chat catching up. The kicker is that you only have to wait a few weeks and you’ll hear how busy everyone is preparing for Easter, long weekends and school holidays. Have we become fearful of mythical deadlines that promise the next apocalypse if we fail to get stuff done in time? The truth is, nothing ever really stops for long. We and technology are on 24/7. So, slowing down may be your best way to fire up for 2019.

About the author : Ricky Nowak

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