As we steam ahead into the end of the year, it’s a critical time to reflect on what sort of year it’s been for your staff and your business. How’s it all tracking? KPI’s, endless pressures and increasing unrealistic deadlines tend to see us all too often just tick the boxes, skimming over the real stuff – the stuff that makes your business tick – your people, their achievements, successes and the challenges they face. The fact is; without strong, connected, emotionally intelligent leadership, you won’t have a strong, connected, emotionally intelligent team behind you – your business will never reach its potential, it may even fail – and your workplace won’t be a healthy one – that’s guaranteed. Trends predict tight economic times, political instability, decreased staff loyalty, greater scepticism and more movement in a young workforce who aren’t just interested in big salaries, their number one motivation is working with leaders whose values reflect their own. It’s time to get into the nitty gritty. As a leader, how’re you tracking? Are you bringing out the best in your team? Are you honest and empathetic and do you really listen to them? Do you recognise and celebrate their achievements? Do you understand and support them emotionally, socially and intellectually? How’s the culture of your business? Do your staff seem happy? Do you need help to build a 2020-ready strong, smart team of engaged, loyal employees? You’re not alone.

Each year I help leaders of all kinds to communicate and connect to their people, businesses and community so they are equipped with the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits required to excel in volatile and changing times. I specialise in creating a blended learning experience including short interactive workshops, pre and online work, psychometric testing and surveys, video and webinars, face to face sessions and coaching as well as conference seminars and keynotes. If you’re serious about meeting expectations and building greater resilience into your work, take action and control – here’s the first tip – don’t leave it to others to make a decision on your behalf.

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