How to present virtually with presence and authenticity

Presentation skills are no longer the soft skill in business. In fact given the urgency to reset how we communicate across cultures, countries and countless mediums, it is now the most valuable skill we can have in business. A presenter who has strong presence and authenticity will keep connected to their clients and ensure they can engage with meaning and purpose.

This interactive and enlightening course provides simple tools and techniques to follow to enable you to lift the bar and not your blood pressure when having to present to various stake holders who want to be engaged and energised by what they hear and see.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a presentation map to keep you on track, on time and on target
  • Engage your audience through your own GLOSS template
  • Deliver Powerful Points – not powerpoint alone
  • How to design presentations that connect and communicate with others
  • Create presentations with purpose, clarity and trust your own natural style

How this course works:

  • Modules are accessed in 4 or 5 bite-size chunks or chapters of approximately 10 minutes each
  • The material is presented in videos with slides and narration
  • PowerPoint slides, training manual and resources are available for reference

If you want to start building stronger presence and authenticity in your presentations then start this online course today.

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