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  • Successful leadership in a fast-paced world demands innovation, superior skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others. This visually inspiring book will help you create a great workplace and keep you relevant. If you're committed to developing a leading edge these amazingly simple ideas will give you a competitive advantage. RICKY NOWAK is a leadership authority who helps successful people achieve positive change in themselves and their teams. Ricky works with a diverse range of businesses and imparts her messages through conference presentations, in-house leadership development, consultancy and 1:1 coaching so individuals can achieve high performance results for their organisations.
  • In leadership, as in everything in life, there are followers and there are... Leaders - true leaders, who set the agenda and make the running. It is no longer good enough, if indeed it ever was, to do what everyone else is doing. Organisations need to stay one step ahead of the game if they are to survive and grow. The key to ongoing success is leadership, and the key to successful leadership is being able to see the wave coming and positioning yourself and your people to catch it and enjoy the ride of a lifetime, rather than waiting until it's too late and getting wiped out. In How to make Good People Great Leaders you will find a wealth of information on various aspects of true leadership, including: * Dealing with Change * Innovation & Creativity * Communication Skills * Mentoring * Staff Engagement * Performance Appraisal * Networking If you're serious about creating a sustainable competitive advantage and opportunities for the future, this book will help you and your people become Leaders of the Future.
  • This easy to read collection of tips and strategies is designed to help high achieving leaders and managers climb to even higher rungs on their ladder of career success.
  • If you're after both Box the Lot AND the coaching session, I have a special price of $532.00 (plus $10.00 postage).
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    If you are looking for that something extra, how about a one off, deep five executive/business coaching session valid for 6 months.

    PLUS, a 15 minute speed coaching session to follow up.

  • Box The Lot is your one stop shop! The box contains all my:

    • Leadership books
    • 3 E-books
    • E-coaching journal
    • Leadership coaching cards
    • Laminated prompt cards
    • Presentation skills book marks
    • A selection of the BEST HANDOUTS and more! 

    All your leadership learning in one box to read and enjoy.

    $77.00 plus $10.00 postage & handling
  • Conversations at work don’t always flow easily.

    Make real connections, build good relationships and create a thriving culture with the FLOW Conversation Cue Cards.

    What’s in the Pack?

    Each FLOW pack includes 2 topics (decks) – Leadership@Work and Resilience @ Work. Each deck includes:
    • 48 Conversation Cue Cards (96 cards in total) for individual reflection, team building, and leadership conversations.
    • Instruction, Action and Next Steps cards to help you create meaningful conversations and build outcomes.

    Special Offer

    Receive a 25% discount when you purchase 12 or more FLOW packs in one order. Plus, we’ll include a complete set of digital cards (drag & drop images). Perfect for online use and uploading to virtual whiteboards such as MS Teams, Zoom, Mural, Miro, Trello, etc. Contact us for bulk orders (50+ packs) or customised box branding for clients, staff or conference giveaways.
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