As the Royal Commission is uncovering the devastating truths behind past indiscretions and dishonest practices, many people are reeling in shock at the extent of the damage, hurt and cost of the unconscionable behaviours and actions.

Once the findings are in the public domain, the culprits are punished and new systems are enforced we  trust that organisations and leaders will commit to safeguarding the health and financial safety  for which all Australians are entitled. We also trust these long overdue laws will change cultures, behaviours and mindsets. But it will take more than laws and  intent – it will take everyone to do their bit.

What can the ‘average’ Joe or Joan do to ensure they call out bad behaviours and protect others?

What can the middle man do to stop inappropriate behaviour between layers of management and staff?

What will you do that will make a difference?

Want to know the  3 important things to learn and do. Ricky Nowak uncovers them for you in this article.

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