Right now, it’s a fight for male dominance rather than ‘may the best man win’. Australia is one of the strongest and safest countries in the world, yet our politicians are playing out their fight like two caged chooks. Shorten is fighting with his endless shoulder shrugs, half laughs, eye brow lifts and eye rolls. ScoMo is fighting back with bullish comments, no eye contact, no leaning in, and somehow I get a feeling of a greater distance between him and us – not really a good look when he’s known for being composed, friendly and a family man.

So, who’s fighting for us? In a country that is blessed in so many ways, why are our political parties so intent on fighting each other? C’mon guys, prove you actually have our best interests at heart – prove you’re not just out to win the vote.

In the workplace everyone is fighting to stay relevant and real. Winning the popularity vote or best leader vote is a test taken at any point in time. It is over a long period that we are truly tested and in order to build capability and legacy we have to be tenacious and audacious.

If you want to build your leadership audacity reply to me and we can discuss how you can get a vote for life by doing our programs or coaching.

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