Women hate politics not because of the policies or the long working hours and not because of the demands on them or their families. Women hate politics because the toxic behaviours that have become the norm are as appealing as last week’s fish market. I wonder if we had two women going head to head for the Prime Ministership, would they carry out their campaigns in the same way as ScoMo and Shorten are? Would they rubbish each other’s policies or perhaps have conversations about the future in more enlightening ways? Would they avoid answering questions or potentially be frank and open? Is the answer to have more women in politics in the first place or to raise the standards of behaviour?

If you vote yes, for balance what’s something you would do in politics.

If you vote yes, to have more women in politics what can we do to create a strong pipeline of women who aspire to work in politics and bring balance to government?

Is the answer providing stronger education in schools, universities and workplaces to enlist the best and brightest women to change the battle field. Australia – Vote #UsToo

What do you think?

About the author : Ricky Nowak

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