When will Australians cease being hungry for fake or perceived news rather than facts? Who do we need to listen to? Why don’t we have a balanced perspective on risk and reward? What is it about fear that makes us so greedy for worse case scenarios? Shouldn’t we be combining our 21st-century skills and technology, and focusing on our work, purpose and the contribution we can make now if things do go pear-shaped?

We’re lucky Aussies – privileged to work in a country that’s safe, diverse and innovative, and affords people the chance to do good and be good. Let’s not blow it by panicking and slowing the economy down by stopping business. I’m not sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the signs of global change or a possible recession but I’m not going down a rabbit hole either. How can we stop the negative conversation and contribute to a more positive one thus helping avert some unnecessary fallout.

What will you do to change the conversation and improve your mindset?

About the author : Ricky Nowak

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