One of the most common questions asked at gatherings or events is; So, what do you do?

Typical answers are; I’m an accountant, a lawyer, a brickie or baker. As a result, we hear; Oh yeah? Nice – How’s business? And that’s pretty much the end of it as we go on to sport and travel.

Superficial questions and go nowhere answers.

You see, most people don’t talk about the business they’re in, just the description of the role they play. If you’re in the accountancy business, you’re in the business of supporting and preparing people for a life of freedom and security. If you’re in the health business, you are giving people hope they will be able to lead an active life. If you’re in the food business, you’re in the business of giving people the time and place to be nourished.

Have you asked yourself what business you are in, lately?

Well I did and that’s found myself wondering if I am in the Coaching or Training business or am I actually in the Speaking business? After some reflection I realised I am actually in the business of making good people great leaders so they can reap the rewards. I feel proud of that. It’s a privilege to share that message from the platform, from the training room or from the coaching office.

But being proud is not enough I had to split my business into two areas showing exactly what I do so that it makes easy for clients to see how I help them be the best they can be – at work, at home, in their community and be proud of their achievements.

Hence was created – a site dedicated to helping our clients and you become more confident and competent as leader, presenters and communicators. After all, I am in the business of helping people create new and innovative ways to lead themselves, their teams and their businesses. Have you checked it out lately? Do you want to let people know about what business you are in? Let me help you!

And also realised I am also in the business of inspiring, motivating and challenging people to become their most authentic self. So my site was redesigned to take you on a visual journey through storytelling and conference keynotes. This is a place where you can hear and visualise your own successes, too. After all, I am in the business of moving people from their current position to a future position that is real and possible. Would you like to do that, too? Check out my site and let me know how I can make this happen for you.

So if you are keen to take your leadership to the next level, make contact now on 0419 839 994 or email me at

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